Thursday, May 20, 2010

A whim

I have been feeling lately like I need a new tattoo. I know its crazy. I have been regretting all three of my tats for years (really just regretting that they faded and stretched and didn't stay new). But I am going through a life crisis like never before and God has been so faithful to me. It just blows me away how close and present and sufficient he has been through the past several months and especially the last 3 weeks. I started thinking about getting a tattoo to commemorate what I am experiencing - sort of a stone of remembrance for times to come, when maybe I won't have the "feeling" of closeness like I do right now. He gives grace to help in time of NEED. I will need to be reminded of that in the future. ANYHOO... Here is what I drew today. I'm thinking of having an artist friend draw it for me, because I realize that my lines aren't straight and my arch isn't symmetrical and so on and so forth. But this is the concept. I wonder how much it will end up costing me?