Friday, February 03, 2012

Bento Boxes

So, one place that my mind has been lately is bento boxes. I know, why would I be obsessing over decorative, time consuming lunches for my kids when I am already super busy, working full time, getting in car accidents and shopping wrecklessly? Who do I think I am? Truth is, I miss doing fun stuff with my kids. I visited my friend, Tara, today and saw those precious kids doing their school work and playing together and mom right there in the middle of it and gosh! I don't know if I ever appreciated what I had when I had it! I miss my kids so much, even when they are with me! I guess the cute little bento boxes I see on pinterest just made me think I could share a special moment with my kids during the day somehow. So at my grocery fiasco described in my last post, I bought a bunch of foods that will go into making bento lunches for my kids this week. I will post pictures if it works. Here are the plans:


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