Saturday, December 02, 2006

The H

I have to wonder if there's any truth to the whole middle child syndrome thing. Huyler is a middle child and he is so special to me. These are pictures from his 4th birthday. It was lots of fun, and definitely the best birthday party of the year. (The other kids' birthdays almost got overlooked this year!) Huyler is a paradox in so many ways. He is my most aggressive and violent child, but also my most cuddly and lovey dovey child. His favorite thing to say is "I Love you and you're pretty, Mommy." You can't imagine the warm fuzzies that gives me. He is a tender thing. He is the only one who has suffered from nightmares. He is a chronic breath holder (TOTALLY SCARY!) And yet, he wants to be tough, manly and strong. I try to imagine him all grown up, but I really don't want the day to come when he is too big to sit in my lap. I don't baby him because I want him to be a man and not a sissy. But he is my baby forever. Okay, enough of the sap.