Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last night was the eve of Passover. Several years ago, after we returned from Israel, I wrote a messianic haggadah that was shorter so the kids wouldn't lose interest in the seder before it was done. So this year I pulled it out and revamped it with some new songs and invited over our believing Jewish friends for a fun Pesach. They have one son who is allergic to gluten, so since we don't live in a big city where there is a market for specialty items like gluten-free matzoh, we had to make our own. We just used gluten free bread mix and threw out the yeast packet. It came out beautiful, I must say. And tasty, although not as crispy as regular matzoh. The kids were really into it, they understood it perfectly as going hand in hand with the last supper, preceding the perfect sacrifice and resurrection of the Messiah, which we'll be celebrating later this week. This morning I got a text from my girlfriend that said "If he had only saved my soul but hadn't given me good friends, it would have been enough." I agree. Daiyenu, Lord! But thank God that he always does abundantly above all that we could ask or even think.