Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seven Things

Because one of my very favorite blogs is Design Crush, and because she invited everyone to do the About Me survey, and because I love to do surveys, I offer you ...

The picture on my profile right now is an illustration from my favorite childhood book, Water Babies by Charles Kingsley. As a child I had these really wild paisley sheets on my bed and I would get under the covers with a flash light and read Water Babies and imagine I was in an underwater world. I really really wanted to be a water baby. One of my favorite things about Dane when we were courting was that he went to the barber regularly for a shave and a haircut. He was so handsome and smelled so good afterwards with his clean cut, it thrilled me beyond measure. But for the past 7 years he has had me cutting his hair for him, and it doesn't have the same effect at all.
The first person I ever stalked was a man who looked exactly like Cary Grant. I was working at Little Caesar's pizza and he came in to pick up an order. He didn't speak English at all, but was reading off of a 3x5 card. His accent sounded french. I was so taken by him that I looked up his phone number in the backwards telephone directory and his name was Rolph Englehard. It had his address, so I started a daily routine of driving past his house for a glimpse of him. I never actually saw him, though. By now he would be a gray haired old man, although probably still handsome. Actually, that was a lie. I actually started stalking cute boys while I was still in school. I memorized Jim Fransen's locker combo just so I could smell his jacket when he wasn't around. I also made my mom drive past Stan Goligoski's house many many times. I don't know why Rolph Engelhard stands out as the first, when I did it all the time as a school girl. Either way, he wasn't the last. Now, of course, I don't do any stalking. I really am happily married. (: My pet peeves include but are not limited to: not replacing a roll of toilet paper when you use it up, bad grammar/punctuation/spelling, improper use of cliches, fanatics (whether it is a fanatical vegetarian, eschatologist, baseball fan or scrapbooker - they all just get under my skin.) One thing that Dane does that really endears him to me is to sing along with gusto to the music he loves, even though he can't carry a tune and doesn't know the lyrics. I don't really appreciate this quality in everyone, but in my husband it is precious. He confessed to me the other day that he was singing along in the car and thought he was hitting the notes so well he turned down the volume to hear himself. He was wrong. Enough said.
    My very favorite car in the whole world is a 1963 Jaguar XKE. It is pure sex on wheels.

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