Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I just found out that FTW is supposed to mean "for the win" and not "f*** the world", which explains a lot about why I see this acronym from people I totally wouldn't expect to hear swearing. I googled it. I also found a whole glossary of internet abbreviations and I am just sitting here wondering why people can learn what practically amounts to an entire new language for typing on the internet, instead of spending an equal amount of time learning to type things out in the language they already use? I mean, it doesn't take me any longer to type "for the win" than it does to think of typing FTW and then executing it. If that's really a part of someone's vocabulary anyway, why not just practice your typing skills to save time? I guess it just bothers me that the English language is falling by the wayside while people are taking the time to create a glossary so that others can understand their mostly initialed email.


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