Saturday, September 06, 2008

I think we have a home!

We signed a (weird) contract on this house yesterday. It is a weird house. It is in the middle of a remodel and I wasn't totally sure this was the house we wanted, but the loan we needed was not offered after Friday, so we jumped on the two we found. One turned us down. This one accepted. Of course, things could crumble before escrow ends, so I am not getting my hopes up about it. I am hesitant to even say "We have a home" until the inspection is done and the papers are all signed, etc. Besides, Dane has yet to speak to the man we bought our land from and get out of that whole mess. Anyhoo... here is the house. And following are the pros and cons of this house.


    Check out the weeping willow in the front yard. There is some other awesome tree shading the front yard, too.
    lots of windows, especially on every corner
    big, grassy, fenced back yard - we're talking privacy fence, too.
    nice big front deck
    little stone terrace in the back
    one car garage will fit our one car nicely
    slump block with plastered inside walls
    fireplace in living room plus gas furnace
    big attic fan and evap cooler
    hard wood floor in the dining area and nice new tile in the bathrooms
    will have new carpet
    refurbished original cabinets and new granite countertops
    walk-in master closet
    very good, older neighborhood in Prescott, close to Grammy Kathy and the Lutzes (our best friends and relatives)
    Close to the reservation, so we know the nighborhood won't get much bigger - unless they decide to build the Mosher Casino next door)
    A window over the kitchen sink that overlooks the back yard
    Crawl space underneath and ductwork already in place
    the price was right at $207,000 and the seller paying the down and closing costs
    no HOA
    popcorn ceilings in parts of the house
    only 1 1/2 baths and a small bathtub
    no appliances included
    no air conditioner
    the boys will have to share a room and there is no room for any MORE kids, should there be any more kids in our future - that means another move is inevitable.
    an awkward hallway to the bedrooms (Dane actually got lost the first time we toured it)
    my first impression of the seller, who is doing all the remodeling himself, was not very good. I'm concerned he won't get the work done in time.
    no office space or homeschooling space.
    the gorgeous trees block out a lot of natural light that those awesome corner windows should be allowing in.


At 5:46 PM , Anonymous Sara said...

My husband and I have been trying to buy a home for over a year. Every time one falls through, I am not sure if I should be upset or relieved. It is so stressful. I hope this one works out for you!


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