Friday, August 22, 2008

Luau on Sunday

This is the birthday season for my family. Augie turned 4 with a Batman birthday last Saturday. My nephew Alex is turning 11 this Sunday and he has chosen a luau theme. I love luaus. And for this one I have been assigned to hula dance/teach the kids to hula. You see, when I was, oh... seven years old, my sisters and I took hula lessons from a really sweet WHITE woman, who I believe attended BYU in Hawaii and learned to hula while there. We know 4 or 5 dances and have been performing them at silly little luaus ever since. It's fun. Don't ask me why my sister Jarnli doesn't do the hula dancing at her own son's birthday. I guess that would be more embarassing for him. Or her boyfriend would be jealous. Dane is cool about it, although I don't know if he really likes me doing it. Anyway, I practiced today and my almost seven-year-old daughter, Ardara, tried it with me. She is a natural. I'll post pictures after the party. Oh! And since I am also an expert pinata maker, I am making a cluster of pinata coconuts. How cool is that? I am the aunt/sister of the year. (:


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