Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas 1974

I took the flickr thing a little bit farther, because I was born on Christmas. So I did a search for "Christmas 1974" and most of it was a lot of fashion feaux pas under the ole tree. But this one was interesting.

"On Christmas eve 1974 a severe cyclone hit Darwin Australia's most northern city.The damage was so severe that the government ordered the dispatch of a fleet of Royal Australian Navy ships.As a unit it was was fully self supporting and there was no need to call on the very limited resources of Darwin. "

The link below gives a detailed analysis of what happened to the Attack Class patrol boat HMAS Arrow.

And thus, into the twisted wreckage, and very bad fashion sense, Tasha Christine Cheney entered the world, depriving her brother and sisters of the Christmas morning they had dreamed of.


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