Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 Tag - Tasha Style

I saw Kelly's invitation on Design Crush to join in a game of 3 Tag several days ago but didn't find time to sit down and answer the questions. But tonight I'm staying up late and I remembered I hadn't ever done it. So, here it is..

    What are the last 3 things you purchased?
  1. the last few items for my home school curriculum from amazon.com
  2. a 4 foot diameter horse trough for our HUGE sulcata tortoise (we don't have a proper yard to put her in yet, and she is growing soooo fast now)
  3. Kaiser Rolls
    What are the last 3 songs albums you downloaded?
  1. KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope
  2. Paolo Nutini - These Streets
  3. Mute Math - Mute Math
    Where were the last 3 places you visited?
  1. Phoenix, AZ
  2. Flagstaff, AZ
  3. Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    What are your 3 [new] favorite movies?
  1. P.S. I Love You
  2. La Vie En Rose
  3. The Princess and the Warrior
    What are your 3 favorite possessions?
  1. A nice journal to write poetry in
  2. A really confortable bra that makes my breasts look perkier than they really are
  3. Teva flip-flops - I wear completely through a pair every summer
    What 3 things can you not live without?
  1. a book to read
  2. ice tea, unsweetened
  3. Jesus
    What would be your 3 wishes?
  1. to have more time with my girlfriends
  2. to keep my kids from making the same mistakes I made
  3. to keep falling deeper and deeper in love with my husband
    What are 3 things you have not done yet?
  1. have my poetry published
  2. grow a garden
  3. go surfing
    What are your 3 favorite dishes?
  1. my mom's macaroni salad
  2. pot roast
  3. seared ahi tuna
    What 3 celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?
  1. Gwyneth Paltrow
  2. Luke Wilson
  3. Johnny Depp
    Name 3 things that freak you out.
  1. mice and/or rats
  2. horror movies
  3. kids tricks - like turning their eyelids inside out, bending their thumb the wrong way, wiggling their ears, making their eyeballs quiver. I just don't know how they ever figured out they COULD do it, let alone, WHY they want to do it in the first place?????
    If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
  1. articulate
  2. mood-swings
  3. romantic
    Name 3 unusual things you are good at.
  1. research - Dane likes to throw out little "I wonder" statements at me and then make that my homework and I usually blow him away by how quickly I find the answers
  2. winging it - again, Dane constantly gives me a hard time because he says I am just guessing. But my guess is better than his informed knowledge most of the time
  3. Reading children's stories - I like to do all the voices and even find the right "narrator" voice for each story. I imagine my kids growing up and saying "No one could read a story like MY mom."
    What are 3 things you are currently coveting?
  1. The giraffe print purse from Dooney & Burke
  2. A home of my very very own
  3. A plane ticket to Alabama
    What 3 bloggers would you like tag?
No one I know blogs really. But I love reading people's blogs, so if anyone takes the 3 Tag challenge, comment and let me know and I will definitely read it.


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