Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kristina Dawn Bowman

I hung out with my best friend in the whole entire world last night and I am feeling very sad this morning because she is going home and I don't know when I will see her again. I really want to take a trip to Alabama and visit her in her new "element" and check out her new friend, Nicole, whose praises she has been singing ever since they met.
Anyway, our evening together was magical. We drank Hefeweizen at Coyote Joe's and talked about many things - her latest adventure (a George Michael concert), Cosmic Moments, the good old days, our evil nemesis, marriage and children, keeping our identities as individuals in spite of our pervasive roles as wife and mother, poetry, list-making, Made in the South Ass Toys, and so much more.
PLUS Kristi sang along with her George Michael CD in my car. This is the first time in years and years that I have had the privilege of listening to Kristi Bowman sing along in my car - one of the things that made me first fall in love with her back in the day.
Kristi brought with her a card she made me and inside was a wonderful list. I will share it with all because it is so lovely:

Isn't she flippin' amazing? Yeah, I love her. I miss her already and she hasn't even left town yet. But she has so many friends and so little time and I live all the way out in BFE far from "the scene". In fact, I discovered that she and her friend Aly refer to myself and a few of the other Mommy-type friends who don't party anymore as "The Squares", so you see why I have little hope of seeing her again on this trip. I don't mind being a Square at all though, because I know she loves me so much. Her eyes brimmed with tears more than once last night thinking of how deep our friendship goes.

I Love You Very Much, Kristi!!!!


At 12:06 PM , Blogger kristi said...

I had something great to say, and after writing all of my great things, I had to jump through google hoops to remember my password. I treasure you, and honor our friendship with all that I have. By the way, your not such a square!! I love you....KDB


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