Saturday, April 26, 2008

Priorities People!

I noticed this news blurb today and had to laugh: Girls Scouts Refuse to Sell Thin Mints to Save Orangutans
I mean, don't get me wrong, I too care about orangutans getting burned alive and clubbed to death. That is sad and wrong. But when I think of all the consuming that we do as Americans, and all the injustice that we support without ever even knowing about it, I have to wonder is it really going to do any good to take a stand against Thin Mints? That palm oil isn't the only reason the forrest are being clear cut. Think of the list of things you would have to cut out of your life in order to not cause another life form on this planet any inhumane treatment. I'm sure there are a few people who would be willing to follow that list, no matter how long it is. But who will make the list? Their research just happened to coincide with their cookie sales, but will they now research EVERY food and product that is being made with that palm oil and boycott all of it? And are they also going to boycott every grocery or department store item that endangers baby seals, dolphins, panda bears, and all the other endangered animals in the world? How about the immigration fence that is now endangering the Sonoran Pronghorn? I'm sad about their plight (You may have noticed I blogged about it not long ago). But I realize that my blog about it, or even a protesting letter to congress, will make very little difference in the world. Do we each pick one tiny cause and fight for it? With all the horror in the world, is the orangutan the thing we want to choose? At the cost of the best cookie Girls Scouts of America ever invented? I'll leave you to think about it.


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