Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New Things

Here are a few things I have invested in recently that I am very happy about. This picture doesn't do my new knot dress from Wally World the justice it deserves. It is a beautiful, colorful, lively thing. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the fitting room attendant throwing it back on a hanger. "Where can I find this in a large?!" I cried. She pointed me to DRESSES and I was united with my new summer dress. I look good in it too. Not pregnant, as my husband likes to accuse me of. I was innocently reading a fashion magazine (I can't even remember now if it was Allure or Lucky - one of the two for sure) and I was again reminded of my bikini line. I know for some people it is a non-issue, but I HATE the bikini line dilemma. I can't shave, it is all ingrown hairs and fear of cutting. But since having my eyebrows waxed two years ago, I refuse to even consider waxing. I tried Nair last year and after a burning rash ensued, I relegated that product to the list of things you should never ever put on your skin (along with estra strength Bullfrog sunscreen). I had resigned myself to yet another swimsuit/skirt combo for the summer. But, alas, I have lost 20 pounds and would like to be able to bare my skin again before I get too old. This article in the aforementioned fashion magazine had all the answers. From a $1000 little laser zapper, to a $2 can of shaving powder - more my range. I guess it was invented for black men to rid themselves of beards without getting bumps, but some Hollywood spa guru assured all readers that THIS was the product for the bikini line. So, I got some and tried it. It smelled like an old fashioned perm. Stinky. Next time I will get the fragranced one. But it was very gentle on my skin and it did remove the hair and leave my bikini line smooth as silk. Time to go swim suit shopping! Okay I didn't actually buy this book, but I put it on hold at the library. It just caught my eye. I guess because 2 years after her own death Jonbenet's mom has finally been exonerated of the murder of her daughter. What a perfect time for Oates to come out with a novel about a very similar sounding murder mystery. Read the synopsis. Anyhoo, I have been wanting to try out Joyce Carol Oates for a long time. I read so many books that I just have to keep a stack at the ready. I am also looking into a memoir by Rick Bragg and will be starting "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer for my book club this month. But I have abundant time for all three, so there. (Oh, yeah, and how long have I been picking up and putting down "A Son of the Circus" by John Irving?)

So, anyway, those are my new things. Life is good.


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