Friday, August 22, 2008

3 New Things

I am just all about freebies lately (because we are totally broke). So, here are 3 things I've gotten for practically nothing that I'm stoked about. Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself Study Guide. Okay, it isn't free, but since my mother in law is teaching the class, she let me bring it home without paying (yet). When I have $15 I will certainly pay for it. But until then, I will be gleaning Biblical wisdom from one of my favorite women on planet Earth. Yay!

A sample/cutting board of Wilsonart's solid surface line. I think the color is sandrift. My brother in law Dewey works for Wilsonart and handed me one of these dandy items at my son's birthday party last weekend. It looks nice on my counter, and works great!

Finally...this is the biggie. I got one of those $10 off coupons in the mail from Kohl's. So, I had 30 extra minutes last night before my home fellowship. I decided to run in and see what caught my eye. I can't believe what I got! This gorgeous satin number from Vera Wang's Simply Vera line was on the clearance rack marked down to $18. With my coupon that made it only $8!!! I look HOT in it! I couldn't stop thinking about it all through my home fellowship. I kept grinning and no one knew why but me. (: What a sweet deal.


At 9:36 PM , Blogger Annie said...


WAY cute dress. I would totally buy that. I need to check out kohls more often than I do, thanks for reminding me! Getting free (or cheap) stuff is always awesome.



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