Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Visit From Israel!

I hope you have checked out the little map over there on the right side of my page. I have so much fun seeing all the places that "hit" my blog. I only get about 15 hits a day, but before I had that map, I didn't know if anyone ever looked at my blog. Today is the first time since I added the map that I saw a thumb tack in ISRAEL! Yay! Welcome, whoever it was in Ramat Gan that stopped by! I hope you leave a comment next time!

That's downtown Ramat Gan at night. Cool, isn't it? I wish I could be there in Ha Eretz!


At 2:02 PM , Blogger Annie said...

Hey, do you have site meter? If not you should check it out. You other counter might be a lot like it though. You can find out how people find your blog (Google searches) and where they link from. It also tells you how long they stay on your blog. Check it out if you do not have it:)


At 4:31 PM , Blogger Tasha said...

Taking your advice, I went to sign up for sitemeter, but it had no openings available! Oh, well. I only get to see locations of my visitors, not where they found me, or how long they stayed. Its still fun! thanks for the idea.


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