Sunday, September 14, 2008


I stumbled across this meme and thought it was cool…

To answer each question, plug your answer into Google Image Search, and pick a picture from the first page of images from your search results.

1. Your age on your next birthday.


2. A place you’d like to travel.

the Italian Riviera

3. Your favorite place.


4. Your favorite object.

my Bible

5. Your favorite food.

excellent sushi

6. Your favorite animal.

tiny turtles

7. Your favorite color.

kelly green

8. The town where you were born.

Santa Rosa, CA

9. The town where you live.

Prescott, AZ

10. Name of a past pet.

Patrick "Patio Furniture" Harris

11. Name of a past love.

Noah Fisher

12. Best friend’s nickname.

"Emmy's Mom"

13. Your screen name.

This one is a tie between...

and... Bouvier

14. Your first name.

15. Your middle name.

16. Your last name.

17. Bad habit of yours.


18. Your first job.

Little Caesar's Pizza

19. Name of grandmother.


20. College/grad major(s.)

English Literature

It’s your turn… Consider yourself tagged and comment if you run with this one.


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